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Communications Cabling

Network Cabling Solutions

Our team at Swiftec Electrical in Rapid City has extensive experience in network cabling for commercial businesses and government entities alike. Whether you are looking to expand your existing network or upgrade an outdated system, we can help your business stay current with the data centric business world that exists today. A properly functioning network is a critical component of a successful modern business. Network cable installation requires experience and in-depth knowledge of multiple cable types and capabilities. Swiftec’s certified cable experts and electrical contractors can provide you with a data cabling system that allows you to link all kinds of business equipment, including phones, faxes, computers, and conferencing equipment.

If your business is growing and you need to expand communications between departments, we can help. Contact the network cabling professionals at Swiftec Electrical today for more information!

Swiftec’s Commercial Electrical Services Include:

Phone/data cabling
Cable certification
Design builds
Fiber optic cabling

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